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New Updates

  • Circular - 42nd Annual General Meeting on 21-09-2023 under `Circular` Section
  • Empanelled Hospitals List Updated - 05-10-2023 under `Policies & Docs` Section
  • Important Notice: The App upgrade is being published tomorrow. Please uninstall from mobile and install APP from PlayStore. Old App may not work after tomorrow.
  • The Application/Portal access shall be down for 3 hours starting 31-05-2023 3:30PM. This is as a part of an upgrade activity. inconvenience is regretted.
  • NEW CIRCULAR - PF Rectification Request Employee under `Circular` Section
  • Circular EPS95 Dt: 03-04-2023 under `Circular` section
  • On receipt of request from ex-employees it has been decided to extend receipt of EPFO application for another 4days upto 24.02.2023
  • NEW CIRCULAR - Joint option form for Retired Employees
  • A link to tentative EPS95 calculation sheet has been provided on the `Hamesha Nalconian` website. Please login on the portal using the same ID & Password as the App.
  • Notice for PME for PRMBS Beneficiaries under `Circular` Section
  • Medical Circular under `Circular` Section
  • Empanelled Hospitals List Updated - 11-01-2022 under `Policies & Docs` Section
  • Kind Attention: Ex-Employee Shareholders: Details in PDF `Letter to Shareholders_15-12-2022` under `Circular` Section
  • Empanelled Hospitals List Updated - 06-12-2022 under `Policies & Docs` Section
  • Circular - 41st Annual General Meeting on 22-09-2022 under `Circular` Section
  • New Medical Bill claim format available under `Application Form` section
  • Last date of submission of PRMBS Annual Declaration (Live Certificate) form for the FY-2022-23 is 30th April 2022
  • New PRMBS Circular dated 03022022 uploaded under `Circular` Section
  • Kind Attention: Ex-Employee Shareholders: Details in PDF `Letter to Shareholders_16.12.2021` under `Circluar` Section
  • Circular for 40th Annual General Meeting to be held on 30.09.2021. Details under `Circular` Section
  • `PRMBS beneficiaries who have not submitted their Annual declaration form for availing PRMBS benefit` are requested to submit the same on or before 12.07.2021 since the last date was 30.04.2021 as per circular dated 30.06.2020. A copy of such form is available under `Application Forms` section
  • New Medical Circular for PRMBS beneficiaries
  • Due to pandemic situation, it has been decided to relax the time period up to 31.05.2021 for submission of medical bills for the year 2020-21 in respect of PRMBS beneficiaries. All PRMBS beneficiaries of NALCO Corporate Office are requested to submit their medical bill/s on or before 31.05.2021 at NALCO Corporate Office.
  • Reimbursement of COVID Vaccine amount of Rs.250/- each for two doses to PRMBS beneficiaries without prescription and on submission of money receipt within the annual OPD ceiling has been considered/allowed.
  • Form for PRMBS Annual Declaration. Details under `Application Forms` Section
  • New version of mobile App released with new feature of Photo upload and profile edit features & bug fixes
  • New PRMBS Plastic Card message from HRD under `Circular` section
  • Information for shareholders-Re-lodgement of share transfer deeds till 31-03-2021. Details under `Circulars` Section
  • PRMBS related Circular under `Circular` section
  • last date of deposit for One time PRMBS Registration fees is extended to 31.08.2020
  • Empanelled Hospitals List Updated (10-08-2020) under Policies and Docs
  • Circular on Revision to the PRMBS scheme provided under `Circular` Section
  • A important message from DGM(H&A) on Annual PRMBS fees. Details under `Circulars` Section
  • An improved App has been released with SoS feature. Please update your App from Playstore. Refer policies and docs section for Help document.
  • The last date of submission of medical bills for FY2019-20 has been extended till 25.05.2020.
  • The dates for submission of PRMBS bills as well as deposits of PRMBS fees are extended till further intimation. New dates will be declared after normalcy resumes. Mr. MP Samal, DGM(HR)
  • List of shareholders whose shares are to be transferred to IEPF by making an application to M/s KFin Technologies Pvt. Ltd. on or before 25.04.2020. Details under `Circulars`
  • New form - Bilingual medical claim form uploaded under Application forms
  • Special Help Desk at Corporate Office Bhubaneswar for purchase of annuity by retired employees out of arrear pension contribution (above Rs.1 lakh cases) – Details under `Circulars`
  • PRMBS renewal: Find the link to SBI collect on the new NALCO website at Menu--> Sustainability --> Hamesha Nalconian --> Online Payment
  • New Circular on PRMBS 2019-20 Uploaded
  • Format for issuance of New PRMBS Medical card to the retired employees. Details under `Application Forms` Section
  • PRMBS Dashboard : Post Retirement Medical Claims validity, balance and summary of claims and status of claims. Forms : Forms for PRMBS membership renewal, medical claims, club booking for social functions.
  • Query / Grievance : Register a query / grievance . This will be taken up by concerned Nodal Officer for timely redressal. Wellness : Enrich your health reading articles on balanced lifestyle .
  • Investment : Enrich your knowledge on advice related to investment, curated from public domain.
  • Vantage View : View in-house magazines to update themselves on the events and progress of NALCO.
  • Nodal Officers : Note the contact details of Nodal Officers for assistance.
  • FAQ : Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Updated Version(0.1.5) available on PlayStore. Update for new features.
  • Procedure for Payment of PRMBS fees through SBI collect uploaded under
  • New Circulars on PRMBS uploaded.

Superannuation Of Current Month

Ikshumaya Pradhan

Superintendent(Instn) Gr.II

Krishnendu Chatterjee

Deputy General Manager(E&I) &

Chandra Mohan Pujari


Dhanurjay Jani


Sangram Keshari Samantaray


Naga Bhusan Patnaik


Shiba Kumar Das

Superintendent (Mech) Gr.II

Laxman Jamuda


Kartika Rout


Chandramani Behera

Maskal Barjo